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Irina Aylyarova

Irina Aylyarova was born and raised in Dushanbe city, the capital of Tajikistan republic, located in Central Asia.

At the age of 16 she and her family immigrated to the US, first stop Queens, NY where the family spent their first two years of immigration. Irina began her journey as a high school student in Forest Hills High School. Her biggest goal was to acquire the language. The whole family spoke none at the time.

Her first job was as a cashier at a local supermarket 6 months after their arrival. It was one of the biggest accomplishments for Irina at the time. Prior to this job she would pack groceries for tips and the job of a cashier seemed like a dream. She was able to land a job with her still broken English at the time, to help her family get ahead. She has a brother and a sister, she's the oldest of the 3.

Just as Irina got accepted to Queens college, her family moved to Colorado. She had to adjust yet again. Queens had become a new home for her in those 2 short years. She made a lot of friendships during that time and she still maintains those friendships today.

Irina ended up living in Colorado for the next 22 years. That's where she went to college, started her own family and built her career wearing many different hats. Her experience was anywhere from waiting tables to singing in local Russian restaurants. Her experience also included working for 401k company, insurance, medical office and engineering firm. She dabbled into a many career choices to say the least.

Her first marriage only lasted 10 years. She had two girls from this marriage Dora and Sarah. She met her second and now husband Oscar, a year after her first marriage was dissolved. They brought two boys into this world, Darian and Dominiq. Now they're a family of 6.

Oscar supported Irina's dream to become an actress, which is what her passion was all along and they took the leap of faith and moved to LA in 2013. She's been residing in Upland, Ca ever since then. She's acted in a few independent films, and now has written her own.

The film is called "Slooga" which is a Russian word for servant. It's about women who come to the US to build a better life for themselves and their children, but end up enduring very abusive relationships in order to fulfill their dream.

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Delmiko Blair

Delmiko Blair born and raised in Detroit, MI were he spent 20 years of his life before he decided he wanted to be an actor. At the age of 25 he left and set journey toward California after stopping in Vegas for a couple of months. Once in LA he completed 6 projects within a year's time of being there. He now continues to enhance his acting craft through reputable acting schools, and feedback from his fans.

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Andrew Davis II “AD2”

Andrew Davis II (AD2), who plays the role of “Skillz”, has appeared in over 20 film, television, and theatre productions since launching his acting career in 2012. Andrew is also a Hip-Hop artist and is featured on the Brother’s Keeper soundtrack. He studied Learning and Organizational Change at Northwestern University graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science. A native of Hartford, CT, Andrew now lives in Los Angeles. You can contact Andrew at @AndrewDavisII (IG, Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud) and


Jamie Franklin

Jamie Franklin practices and performs the arts of Performance Theater and Marriage and Family therapy in the greater Los Angeles area. There she is also in the process of defending her dissertation studying post traumatic growth within the African American community. Her goal after obtaining her Ph.D in psychology is to create effective interventions that employ techniques that increase strength based practices. When not performing or studying she is balancing life with MMA Boxing.



is an Award Winning Actress, Screen and Playwright, Singer, Songwriter, Poetess, Director & Creative Humanitarian, who has starred or been featured in stage productions such as Stomping Shouting Singing Home, For Colored Girls, Dreamgirls, A Raisin in the Sun and Fences. Her original bodies of work include, Portraits of Love, He Calls me Rib, Whose Body Is It, I Love Music, Dying To Live, Fowl Play, & Blended Blood. Her new books, “Just a Dream” a steamy novel and 3,655 Miles To Kismet are in production. Her films include “Deceitful Decisions”, “Reasonable Retaliation, Colorless Courage, and The Raven. Some of her film credits include ,My Brother’s Keeper, and The Proposal. Her poetry has spotlighted in Women Speaks Magazine where she worked as a staff writer and photographer. In 2008 she hosted a weekly Blog talk Radio show with DY Magazine a publication she also worked for as a Senior Writer and Talent Scout. . As a prolific Writer, Producer and Director, she never limit herself to the labels of genre. She is best known for her sultry sound, unique writing style, and her warm smile. Genuinely she loves God & loves people. Follow her on IG & FB. Website:

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Olando Graves

Coming from a family of talent, Olando proceeded to follow the footsteps of the late Teresa Graves. At an early age, he found what empowered him the most- performing in front of others. It’s the study and exploration of self, he says that fuels his passion for acting.

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Andre K. Jefferson

Andre K. Jefferson, born and raised in Compton, California was 9 years old when he knew he wanted to act. 4 years later he was given the opportunity. Andre was asked to read the lead role in a Christmas play- his very first show. He went on to conduct plays and skits with his siblings and cousins almost every weekend. At the age of 18, Andre graduated from college and pursued acting full time. He has received a Bachelor of Science from Xavier University with a Psychology major and Political Science minor. Andre has done a few commercials , performed in several stage plays and films. He is an actor, writer, director, producer, poet, and author.

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Bree K. Jones

Bree K. Jones is a Producer, Actress, and Deaf Culture Merger. Bree's passion is merging the Deaf community with the entertainment industry in hopes that it will inspire the world around us to change the trajectory of how we as a society look at ableism. Bree has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and is currently enrolled in an American Sign Language Interpreter Training Program.

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Elena Kornilova

Elena Kornilova was born and raised in Lensk, a small town in Siberia (Russia). There as a teenager she first started acting in school productions. Also, she became a host of the teen's TV-show on a local TV-channel. Soon after that she moved to Moscow and graduated from MSU as a journalist. Elena speaks fluent Russian, English, some German and Spanish. Recently she moved to Los Angeles to continue working as an actress. Films with Elena Kornilova are participating in multiple International Film Festivals. Her IMDb page is

Instagram @elenakorny

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Janine Lancaster

Janine Lancaster is a native of Hampton, Virginia. She moved to California just over eight years ago to pursue her inherent passion for acting. She has worked in her home State of Virginia as an 18th Century Historic Interpreter, a model and freelance television news Reporter. She has written, directed and produced various Christian/Inspirational theatrical productions for several local churches there and is looking forward to presenting them in the near future here in Los Angeles.

Her stage work includes, but is not limited to, the woman in brown and yellow in For Colored Girls…, Lillian Cornwall in Isn’t It Romantic and Reba Bailey in the powerful stage play Before It Hit’s Home. Janine has also worked as a stage producer for Stage Norfolk; a well-known theatrical production company in Norfolk, VA.

Janine’s television work consists of an array of commercials for companies such as Priority Acura, Sofa’s Etc., Cox Media, Virginia Beach Tourism and a host of corporate training videos for Coastal Training Technologies. She has also been seen in TV films such as Scandal, We the People, John Adams miniseries for HBO, Plain Jane an HBO pilot, Tilda on CW, New Detectives, FBI Files, Critical Rescue and the former TV series Dawson’s Creek.

Janine currently works fulltime as an Administrative Specialist at Aerospace Corporation. Her goal is to do more film and television work and to be able to direct and produce more of her own plays. She would love to land a regular role as a Cop or Detective or become a series regular on one of her favorite shows like This Is Us or Chicago MED.

She’s thankful to all her family and friends who continue to encourage and inspire her to achieve her dreams. Most of all, Janine thanks God for all of her gifts and the blessing of life.

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Ursa Major

Born under the legal name James Johnson, San Diego native Ursa Major gave up sports to pursue a career in music and drama after graduating high school in the Chicagoland area of Illinois, Ursa packed his bags and headed back to his home state to chase his dreams of Entertainment in Tinsel town.Ursa found light attending the Musicians Institute of Hollywood while majoring in voice performance. Since then Ursa has become the president of Litup Entertainment for which he is also an artist on the independent music label. Ursa has appeared in many Feature films such as The Choir Director, The Preachers Son, and many short films to make a drive to be the complete entertainer, and open doors in the industry. Ursa has also been in many national sport ads taking his past in athletics and making appearances in many magazines, websites and commercial, Ranging from Nike, PowerAde, Adidas and many more. The "Gifted" nicknamed by co musicians and colleagues has dropped 8 singles and is currently working on his all original E.P. "Rated M For MAJOR" which is set to right before summer 2019. He has taken original beats from many producers that work closely and had blended the strong range of his vocals with a strong knowledge of rap music. To add to his talent, he also performs stunts , produces, and writes most all of his material, and will be released as Ursa still continues to make his name "Major".

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Dominique Marsell

Dominique Marsell has been a performing actor in independent short film productions for the last three years. Having started his career as a background player on various network sitcoms and dramas, he most recently has been seen as featured actor in the cable series pilot "Alternate History" for Spike TV. Among his favorite roles: Detective Eric Gibson in RITUAL’S END, Cult Leader in THE MOMENT and Dwayne in CALL BOX. Dominique continues to enjoy the journey of film acting and the chance to work with as well as learn from his fellow cast.

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Jermaine Martin

Jermaine Martin is a Cleveland Ohio native who caught the acting bug while in college. He was in his very first play called The Dream and Journey of a Hollywood Story. He eventually made the big move to Los Angeles at the age of 23 with nothing but himself and two duffle bags. Since then Jermaine has been fortunate to work on projects far as pilots,student films, web series, voiceover and a feature as well. Jermaine knows that hard work and resiliency is one of his best traits due to having a sports background and having a positive outlook and mindset. Jermaine’s social media can be found on Facebook as Jermaine A Martin and instagram @iamjermainemartin.


Roshell McKevie

Roshell McKevie has made a name for herself for being a versatile actress. She was recently seen making people laugh in the webseries Office Problems and She's Too Fat while also delivering intense performances in the feature film, Brother's Keeper and short film, The Used. She deems the theater as her first true love and has worked professionally on productions such as A Christmas Carol, The Skin of Our Teeth, For Colored Girls, and Moby Dick. She was a finalist in Twinkie Byrd's Hollywood Monologue Slam and has graced the Flapper's stage doing stand-up. Her most recent accomplishment includes writing and producing the short film, Mirrors. She holds an M.A. in Counseling, which has allowed her to branch off doing work that has helped people conquer fears and move past pain to become their best self! Roshell is a native of Louisville, KY and currrently resides in Los Angeles.

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Shelley Meche’tte

As a Women’s Life Speaker/Influencer and Success Strategist, Shelley Meche’tte is extremely passionate and dedicated to the empowerment of women through strategized personal and professional development. She is the author of 70 Days of Happy: Life is BETTER When You Smile and the founder of the women’s organization, The PowHERful Woman. She is also an Actress and Host.

Shelley speaks LIFE into women, challenging them to take responsibility for the actions (both positive and negative) of the person staring back at them in the mirror, while reminding them of the fact that they are MORE than just their physical appearance. Broken women raise broken girls who in turn become another generation of brokenness. Shelley provides the success tools needed for women to break that cycle so that they are able to raise confident, self-assured women.

As a Life Strategist, Shelley specializes in decluttering the thoughts of her clients to connect their gifts and talents to their passion, providing a successful Purpose Plan for their lives. She has graced the stage of various platforms and has been featured in Voyage LA , The Daily Boss and on the cover of the online magazine, Glambitious.

Shelley has been acting since childhood. Her passion is Theater. Some plays have included, HOME by Samm-Art Willimas, LOVE, Dear Westmont and Heaven Sent I & II with Sam 7 Productions. Brother’s Keeper is her 1st Feature Film and she extremely excited.

Shelley is recently added Creator/Executive Producer to her resume with the web-series I Hear You, currently streaming on Youtube (I Hear You WebTV).

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Angela O’Leary

Angela O'Leary is proud to be straight outta Compton, California. Equipped with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the esteemed Grambling State University in Louisiana, she is residing in Hollywood pursuing her childhood dream of acting. You can keep up with everything Angela is doing, such as working on a webseries about lesbians of color, writing and playing music, and creating comedy skits by following her Instagram @theangelamaria.


Delila Outlaw

elila Outlaw is an up & coming Actress and aspiring film producer, born in Los Angeles, Ca with east coast roots. At only 15 years old, she began attending Dominguez Hills University, from which she obtained her first Bachelor's Degree a semester early.

The arts had fully captured Delila well before her first call to the stage, "Much a do About Nothin", the classic play by William Shakespeare. It proved to only be the beginning, as it led her on to continue to pursue her passion with fervor. Her most recent credits consists of many original stage plays including "Queer Politicking", "Savage Queen", and "Release & Let it Go", which will be re-assembling later this year!

Delila decided to challenge herself by learning to create behind the camera, so that she may establish greater opportunities to connect with the entire community. Along the way, Delila joined forces with a fellow actor, writer and producer named Andre K. Jefferson fellow to produce meaningful films, while providing opportunities for others. Delila is forever grateful for this journey God has placed her on. She loves the challenges of producing exceptional content and is determined to never readily accept pre-set limitations. She is both humbled and excited to have been asked to re-showcase the stage play "Dying to Live" with a new, yet, just as talented cast.

Please be sure to follow Delila via social media as she continues to make strides in the industry.
IG/Twitter: @beautyfuloutlaw

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Oscar “Ofoesho” Roberts

Oscar Ofoesho Roberts is an accomplished writer, rapper, actor and entertainer. He grew up writing music in Los Angeles and performed with many great musicians and producers along the way. After spending his youth in Los Angeles and taking all opportunities for acting and writing music, Ofoesho began his life of fatherhood with a daughter and a son.

On March 6th, 2000 he lost his precious 18-month old son Baby O, which changed his life. Ofoesho turned his pain into music and wrote the song "Baby O", which has been an inspiration to many parents who have lost a child. He has since had another son, Joelle. As he wrote "you never know what you've got til it's gone" in a song, he takes time each and every day to appreciate his family and his children as he shares his heart with Joelle and daughter Arriyonna.
He has also paid his dues in the music industry, collaborating with current hip-hop artists such as L'il Wayne, T-Pain, Ben-B, and Shawty Lo, just to name a few. Other artists and producers that Ofoesho has worked with include Ice Cube, L.L. Cool J., Battlekat, Michel Angelo Saulsberry, Teddy Riley, Desmond"Big Dez" Mapp, Reedog, Brandon Knowles (a.k.a. Chubbz, Lewis E. Taylor III), Gordon Blackwell (a.k.a. G-Black), Mike Epps, Lil Zane, Shorty Mac, Lamont Bentley, Marcua"MP" Paulk, Raz B, LiI J, Ricky Romance, Jon Doe, Mya, Dirty Rat, Sean Young, Gucci Mane and Mark Sparkx.--

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Terrell Sahale

Terrell Sahale is an actor and a singer who has been entertaining in the acting realm since 2006. He has acted in various stage plays, including a few leading roles. His latest projects are roles in a few short films, one of which is 'Brother's Keeper', set to debut in 2019. There will be much more to come of this actor / singer / entertainer.

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Rebecca Tutor

Having grown up spending many hours in her father’s movie theatre, Rebecca never doubted she would one day be an actor. As a young actress in New York, she performed in numerous commercials and found she could earn her living writing them. The appeal of a steady income lead her to a long career in advertising, rising to creative director and, finally, to become chief executive of an advertising agency.

But she never lost the belief that her true calling was to an actor. So, she left New York for Los Angeles and returned to the art and business of acting. Studying with The Groundlings and Margie Haber, she found herself busy in front of the camera in a mix of short films, feature films, student films, and – once again – commercials.

Now relocated to a small village in North Carolina, she remains busy at her craft and returns to Los Angeles whenever called.

“Thank goodness for taped and Skype auditions!” she says.

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Quentari Walker

Quentari Walker is among several actors who didn't get their start until their 20s {2014}. Hailing from Charlotte, NC, film wasn’t very prevalent. With an aspiration of working in the entertainment industry, Que wasn’t sure of where to even start or what steps he need to take. In 2013 he moved to Orlando for college where he obtained his CADD degree (Computer Aided Drafting & Design) and found ways to jump start his acting career; as well as taking a more serious approach to his writing and recording music.

While in Orlando he made different connections and succeeded at getting on camera…as background & featured extras. After being an extra in Dolphin Tale 2 and several Universal Orlando commercials, he was able to meet other actors and directors. One film director, Joshua Ortiz, helped his career by affording him the opportunity to take part in multiple projects where he had the lead and the supporting role. Quentari has been a part of 3 different award-winning short films; including “Listen” which won best cinematic short film for Project Green light. He also starred in 2 other films that took home several awards in the Orlando Urban Film Festival.

After graduating college with a 3.75 and presidents award, jump-starting his acting career, and meeting his Fiancée; Que moved to LA in Dec 2016. In pursuit of his acting and music career Que does whatever it takes to be successful. He’s already put several songs on major music streaming platforms such as Apple music and Spotify. He’s also forged a great relationship with actor/director Andre K. Jefferson. Andre took him under his wing and Quentari made his first ever appearance in a feature film. Till this day they have worked on and have plans for other film projects, music videos, and new music creations. It’s safe to say, Quentari is on his way to the success he dreamed of.